Sanei Kosan Co., Ltd. was established in 1965.

We are manufacturing barley tea and healthy tea at our factory in Saga, Japan.

We have a dream …
“Our delicious MUGI-CHA (barley tea) makes many people happy all over the world some day!”








"Marutsubu-MUGI-CHA" whole grain barley tea (tea bag) 15P

  • Net content300g (20g x 15 bags)
  • TemperatureNormal temperature
  • Expiry24 months
This tea makes full use of our roasting technology, and we have paid special attention to the original "deliciousness" and "fragrance" of barley tea.
We took the time to finish the barley from Saga Prefecture, and packed a generous 20 grams of whole grain barley in tea bags.
We used a non-woven fabric for the tea bags to pursue the infusing properties.
Although this product requires boiling, which takes some effort to prepare, we recommend it to those who are looking for an authentic taste.

"MUGI-CHA" barley tea of Saga JAPAN 40P (tea bag)

  • Net content400g (10g x 40 bags)
  • TemperatureNormal temperature
  • Expiry24 months
Saga Prefecture is the most famous producing place of barley in Japan.
We are manufacturing a delicious barley tea with using barley as a raw material which is made from Saga Prefecture.
It has no caffeine, no calorie and no including allergenic substances.
That's why it is the safe beverage for all ages, even babies and pregnant women can drink.

"KUROMAME-MUGI-CHA" barley tea with black soybean (tea bag) 40p

  • Net content400g (10g x 40 bags)
  • TemperatureNormal temperature
  • Expiry24 months
It could be expected the effect of anti-aging and has no caffeine and no calorie.
And it is very popular product in domestic & overseas because of 100% Japanese raw materials.
You can enjoy more roasted taste and aroma than straight barley tea.

Company Information

ADDRESS 2635-1, Ouchi, Ouchi Town, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture, Japan
TEL +81-955-62-2824
FAX +81-955-62-2825


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