Who we are


The Japanese island of Kyushu is a region proud of its delicious food from both the land and sea.
Because of its close proximity to the ocean, a warm temperate climate and geographical features (including volcanic soil packed with rich nutrients), Kyushu is a food paradise.
The Fukuoka Food Business Association (FFBA) was established in 2012 for the sole purpose of introducing and promoting the excellence and uniqueness of Kyushu’s food not only nationwide, but also internationally.
Working together with a select group of food-related companies in the Kyushu region, the FFBA is committed to developing overseas sales channels.

Where we are located


The FFBA is based in Fukuoka, which is Kyushu’s largest city and one of Japan’s ten most populated cities.
Fukuoka is often referred to as the gateway to Kyushu.

Why FFBA (Fukuoka Food Association)?


FFBA member companies offer a wide variety of excellent and unique food products of Kyushu, which are carefully selected and ready to be exported overseas.
The FFBA is proud to introduce safe, delicious, nutritious Kyushu foods, drinks and ingredients to everyone in the world.
As FFBA members, we promise to provide the highest quality products.

Activities of the FFBA


For our activities, please refer to this page.




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