What is Fukuoka Food Business Associatoin(FFBA)?

Among Japan, Kyushu is a region proud of its delicious food, which is full of natural rich nutrients.

“Fukuoka Food Business Association (FFBA)” was established in 2012 for the purpose of introducing their unique taste not only to the Japanese market but also to the worldwide market.

FFBA is consisted of 35 food companies from Kyushu region, we aim to expand our market to overseas as a team.

What FFBA aims for

We have carefully selected a variety of delicious Kyushu foods and it’s our intention to promote the selected products from that of local companies and members of the FFBA so as to promote the charm of Kyushu from Fukuoka city, which is considered to be the gateway of Asia to everyone all over the world.

It is our most sincere hope that you will take interest in Kyushu’s delicious products.

Activities of FFBA

We have mothly meeting to exchange information and participate in food exhibitions.

For our activities, please refer this page.




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