Activities of FFBA

In recent years, Japan’s domestic market has been shrinking; this is due to Japan’s decreasing birth rate and aging population. Now food manufacturers are looking to overseas markets to increase their revenue.But, there are significant trade barriers for small food manufacturers seeking to penetrate the foreign market and there are only small handfuls that have succeeded at this task.For surmounting the obstacles we in partnership with Fukuoka food manufacturers established the “Fukuoka Food Business Association (FFBA).” We can Work in unison to challenge and ultimately make a greater impact on overseas market.


We have monthly meetings to exchange information about foreign market, regulations and others.


Group tour (subsidized by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

We visited foreign countries as a group to show our products directly to foreign companies in FY 2013 and FY 2014.

  • Hong Kong tour (Sep. 2013)

    Hong Kong tour (Sep. 2013)

  • USA tour (Jan. 2014)

    USA tour (Jan. 2014)

Participation in exbitions

We participate in food exhibitions held in both Japan and foreign countries.

  • Food EXPO Kyushu (Oct, 2014)

    Food EXPO Kyushu (Oct, 2015)

  • SIAL Paris 2014(Oct, 2014)

    SIAL Paris 2014(Oct, 2014)

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