Based on our corporate philosophy of “Creating Happiness through Good Taste”, Daisho Co., Ltd. has created a market by pioneering the development of such products as “BBQ sauce”, “Salt and Pepper” and “Hot pot soup base” with the aim of creating a rich food culture.
We have been proposing and promoting seasonings that match the ingredients in the fresh produce section (meat, fish, and vegetables), and we have created a new and unique market by introducing “fruit and vegetable dressing” and “green juice” to the fruit and vegetable section. Our management style of creating new markets with such flexible ideas has been praised for its ability to meet the diversified needs of today’s consumers.
In addition, in recent years, consumers have become more and more interested in and aware of “food safety”. Under these circumstances, we have positioned “safety and security” as the most important issue, and all divisions within the company will work diligently to address this issue, aiming for long-term, stable corporate growth by providing safe, secure, delicious and convenient products.


Seasoned Salt and Pepper

Seasoned Salt and Pepper

  • Net content250g
  • TemperatureRoom temperature
  • Expiry18 months
This product contains a well-balanced blend of salt, pepper, and seasonings using a unique method, so the tastiness is consistent until the end of the bottle. You can use it as a finishing touch to season a variety of dishes.
Kimchi Hot Pot Soup

Kimchi Hot Pot Soup

  • Net content750g
  • TemperatureRoom temperature
  • Expiry15 months
The rich flavor of gochujang and dubanjang (soybean paste) and the spiciness of red chili peppers in this hot pot soup will whet your appetite. The flavor of garlic and sesame oil and fish sauce are added to give it a thicker, richer taste.
Cooking Method
1. Heat the broth in a pot, bring to a boil and add the meat.
*Shake the soup well before adding the meat.
2. When the soup comes to a boil again, reduce the heat to medium and remove the scum from the pot. Add the stem of Chinese cabbage (hard part), leek, enoki mushrooms and tofu.
When they are cooked through, add the Chinese cabbage leaves and chives, and bring to a boil.
【Enjoy Tomato cheese risotto at the end of the pot!】
(1) Add 1 tomato cut into 1cm cubes and 1 cup of steamed rice to the pot and heat it on medium heat. (About 3 minutes)
(2) When it comes to a boil, add melting cheese (or a slice of cheese), cover, turn off the heat, and let it sit for a minute or two.
BBQ Sauce - Garlic Soy Sauce Flavor

BBQ Sauce - Garlic Soy Sauce Flavor

  • Net content575g
  • TemperatureRoom temperature
  • Expiry12 months
Dark-soy sauce based, mild BBQ (yakiniku) sauce with garlic and sesame oil. Its mild sweetness will satisfy everyone’s palate. Use as a dipping sauce for grilled meat and vegetables. You can also marinade meat and vegetables lightly with the sauce before grilling.

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