We are an inari-age (seasoned fried tofu wrappers) manufacturer with a 40% share of the domestic market for seasoned fried tofu for business use. Our head office and factory are located in Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture, which is blessed with high-quality water.
In the hope that Inari-sushi will become as popular as Nigiri sushi and Maki sushi (hand-rolled sushi), we have recently been trying to disseminate information and products to many countries.
As one of the Nippon Flour Group companies, we would like to contribute to the advancement of Japanese food overseas through our contacts in many different food fields.


Seasoned sushi age TL shikaku (square) - matcha (green tea)

Seasoned sushi age TL shikaku (square) - matcha (green tea)

  • Net content60pcs/bag ×16 bags×1box
  • TemperatureRequires refrigeration
  • Expiry180 days frozen
By adding matcha to the seasoning, the inari-sushi will attract many people in Asia where matcha is very popular with its flavor and color. For the existing sushi restaurants, it can be added as a new flavor of inari-sushi to accentuate the existing menu. As an example, we receive a lot of orders of this product from one of the Taiwanese sushi train chain restaurants as their very popular item. It is a must-buy product that we recommend.
Seasoned sushi age chunaga (rectangle) S27 (frozen)

Seasoned sushi age chunaga (rectangle) S27 (frozen)

  • Net content60pcs/bag ×10 bags×1box
  • TemperatureRefrigerated storage (below -18℃)
  • Expiry1 year from the date of manufacture
It is our major rectangular-inari age sold mainly in the Kanto area.
It is also shipped to the United States, Hong Kong, and a part of Taiwan for export, so if you are looking for an authentic inari-sushi, we recommend this product with a good balance of sweetness and soy sauce. It is a long-selling product, which will satisfy customers in many industries, such as restaurants, home delivery, sushi, and prepared foods, etc..

Company Information

ADDRESS Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture
URL https://ok-food.co.jp/en/company/

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